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Why Professional Certification?

  • Certification gives at least some indication that you meet minimal standards to do certain types of work.
  • Certification may mean that you meet some very high standards for doing some kinds of work.
  • Certification allows you to pass at least one hurdle in resume screening.
  • Certification often allows you to join a network of your professional peers.
  • (and YES, this site is just being roughed in ... and YES, only the Information Technology, Healthcare and HR pages are working AT ALL)

What do we hope to accomplish with this site?

The focus of this site will be to not only catalog the common and uncommon certifications and certification resources for various professions, but also to look at the value of the certifications.

Questions about the certifications we hope to answer:

  • Is the certification valuable in obtaining (or keeping) a job?
  • Did the certification actually improve your earning potential?
  • Does the certification really indicate a person's competency?
  • How much study and background does a given certification require?
  • What are the best test-prep services?
  • What other resources were helpful?
  • Would someone who has obtained the certification do it again?


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